What we do

Restoring Dignity

Living on the streets can make a person feel like they are nobody at all. Everything we do at The Gathering Place is about helping the Guests feel like they are not forgotten. We believe that sense of self-worth is at the heart of recovery.

The Essentials

Warm showers, hot meals, clean clothes: Things the average person takes for granted, things the Guests don’t easily come by. But thanks to your kindness, we are able to offer hot meals, warm showers, and laundry services to thousands of people. Guests leave here feeling better than when they first arrived.

Dining Area

Hundreds of people arrive daily with empty stomachs. We fill them. 7 days a week, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in our dining area. As well as take out services. We have 3 chefs who provide healthy, nutritious meals to people who are often deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.

Want to Take Care of Lunch? Buy a meal for 250 people today with this single gesture of kindness. Need to buy something for a loved one who has everything? Consider taking care of lunch (or another meal time) for The Gathering Place on their behalf.

Social Area

On the streets, the Guests are often ignored and rejected. At The Gathering Place, they find a sense of belonging and acceptance. Our social area is a hub of activity, with Guests sharing stories, playing cards, reading, singing and more. This promotes healthy social behaviours, cooperation, and trust – values that can help them get their lives back on track.

If you’d like your contribution to help support our work in restoring dignity for the Guests, please click here.