What we do

Improving Health Outcomes

Some of our Guests are new to this life in the margins, but the vast majority of our Guests have been struggling with complex issues for as long as they can remember – abuse, mental illness, addiction, PTSD, physical disabilities, and more. Many of them have been on the streets since childhood and we know that these complex issues cannot be treated with food alone. Nourishment is just one part of the puzzle, as we help the Guests piece their lives back together. Through collaborative partnerships, we offer primary health and social services via a team of professionals on-site who give our Guests the physical and psychological support they so desperately need.

Medical Clinic

We have a clinical space where our Guests can see a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, or a social worker – something many of us take for granted, but something many of our Guests face barriers when trying to access. Medical professionals, med students and residents give their time to help our Guests deal with chronic or mental illness, crisis intervention and more.

Foot Care

Many of our Guests face chronic illnesses such as diabetes, so foot care is a crucial service. Our RN and support volunteers treat nearly 1000 people in our foot clinic each year, helping them take better care of their feet and avoid amputations.


The struggles of our Guests are complex and often devastating. It can seem impossible for them to see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, talking to someone who understands can help a great deal. We have two outreach mental health social workers on our team who help our Guests learn to cope with daily life and find a path to recovery – with addictions counselling, triage support and psych assessments.

Finding Housing

Many of our Guests live in housing that is hostile and unclean. Some of them sleep in garages and alleyways. The Gathering Place is not an overnight shelter, be we do whatever we can to help our Guests find a safe, clean place to lay their heads. Navigating the housing system can be difficult, especially for those with limited communication skills and mental health issues, so our staff often secure decent housing for our Guests on their behalf.