The number of people coming to The Gathering Place has been steadily increasing. Hundreds of people come through our doors every day, and there are over 2000 registered Guests. Many have experienced mental illness, addictions and abuse. We provide much needed services including food, clothing, shelter, and social supports. Everyone who comes to The Gathering Place is treated with dignity and compassion.

No one should be homeless

homeless person sitting with sign

The Gathering Place has added an emergency overnight shelter for those with no place to go. Over 300 individuals have used the shelter in the last year, and there were over 7000 overnight stays.

No one should be cold

cold person sitting on sidewalk

Our weather can be extreme. Many people come to The Gathering Place for warmth and comfort. Our Be Kind Boutique provides Guests with seasonal clothing, and footwear to help protect them from the elements. Showers and laundry services are also available.

No one should be hungry

Hungry person sitting with sign

Food is such a basic need. It’s hard to believe people in our community struggle every day to find enough food to eat. The Gathering Place provides 3 meals a day, 7 days a week; an average of over 3000 meals are served each week. We also provide a take-out service.

Your kindness allows us to:

  • Serve 140,000 meals last year

  • Shelter over 300 individuals in the last year

  • Treat 900 Dental Visits since 2018

  • Coordinate 550 visits each month to case managers