What we do

Building Skills

Some of the Guests are talented people who have never been able to express those talents due to their life’s circumstances. Many want to learn to do something more with their lives. And we try to nurture that as much as possible to help them see their worth, and what they can contribute.

Art is Therapy

It is amazing what people can create when given the tools and the chance. Our Therapeutic Arts program gives the Guests the opportunity to express themselves in our music room, and in our arts and crafts room. Creativity promotes their mental health, independence, and personal pride – and that goes a long way in helping them regain control of their lives and help restore their dignity.

Writing Group

A creative group of Guests and volunteers/staff meet bi-weekly to inspire one another and talk about their creative writing pursuits.

Vegetable Garden

Starting something from a simple seed and helping it grow into nourishing food can be very rewarding. Guests assist volunteers and staff with planting, growing, and maintenance of the garden space as well as enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour in the form of healthy meals fresh from the garden.