What we do

Programs & Services

Programs and services are presented by community volunteers and by personnel from partner agencies. There are three paid staff positions. Through collaborative efforts, guests of The Gathering Place may avail of the following programs:


  • Noon meal program
  • Coffee station in social area
  • Group activities
  • Informal social activities ( safe, comfortable places to read, listen to music, watch TV, play cards, enjoy bingo and other games, play guitar and piano)
  • Art classes, craft sessions and other creative pursuits
  • Access to showers for those who need them
  • Foot Care and Hair Care
  • Access to computers and computer training sessions
  • Weekly services of nurses and social workers
  • Clothing supply boutique
  • Home Support Program
  • Laundry service with the use of three washers/dryers
  • Sewing services for those who need minor clothing repairs
  • Designated area for women guests
  • Literacy Program (Teachers on Wheels)
  • Annual Flu Clinic
  • Annual Income Tax Clinic
  • Advocacy with government and health/social agencies
  • Elevator and other aids to enable people with disabilities to access services

Warming Centre

With the support of the City of St. John’s, the Gathering Place will serve as a Community Warming Centre and be available to all citizens of St. John’s during extended power outages. The auxiliary power generating system will heat 23,000 square feet of program space and operate the full kitchen as required.

Meeting Needs In the Community

The Gathering Place is committed to finding new and creative ways to meet the needs of people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, to promote equality and to provide nourishment for those seeking respite from poverty and isolation. Plans for broadening the programs and services include:

  • Weekly breakfast program
  • Providing space and opportunity for an Identification Clinic for guests (many people are transient and don’t have adequate identification or a place to store their documents)
  • Establishing a message center for guests who have no fixed address
  • Developing an Emergency Preparedness kit
  • Facilitating access to a warming centre in times of power loss
  • Providing structured programs in health and wellness, literacy and computer skills
  • Extension of hours of operation to accommodate the needs of guests

* The Gathering Place offers a noon meal program each weekday. Since its opening in 1994, the program has served numbers ranging from 40 to 170 guests per day. From September 2013 to July 2014, The Gathering Place served 20,575 meals and in the month of October 2014, 2978 meals were served. The newly renovated building provides increased capacity for preparing and serving meals.

Year Program
Guests Served
Per Week
Per Day
Noon Meals Served
2007 40 351 70 14,040
2008 41 406 81 16,646
2009 40 463 93 18,516
2010 41 531 106 21,753
2011 42 496 99 20,827
2012 38 540 108 20,535