Who we are

About Us

The Gathering Place is a service centre committed to building community, promoting equality and providing nourishment. It exists to meet the needs of people whom society has failed.

The programs and services of the Gathering Place are offered primarily to people who are homeless or live in less than desirable housing conditions, people who are often unemployed and to people who do not have adequate social supports at this time in their lives.

The Gathering Place welcomes people aged 25 and older. Many of our Guests have complex issues ranging from physical illness and mental health problems to learning disabilities and addictions. Guests are victims of abuse, income support recipients, or are low income earners. Guests are male and female, younger and older, street people, and people falling through the cracks. The Guests of the Gathering Place come from all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The goal of Gathering Place is to foster among guests independence, self-respect and dignity. Further, interdependence and personal growth are cultivated through a network of community partnerships.

For 20 years, the Gathering Place has provided a caring and nurturing environment with services that include a noon meal program serving up to 250 Guests each day, a clothing supply boutique and social activities. Through community partnerships, professional services in health care, housing and social work are provided.