Kindness Wanted

We see people asking for spare change on our downtown streets every day. But there are many, many more we don’t see. Over a thousand people are lost in the cracks of our city, living on the streets or in barely tolerable boarding houses, and they often struggle with any number of challenges – hunger, abuse, mental illness, addiction – just to survive another day. Last year we helped over 900 people and that number has been growing. This year we expect over 1,200 people will need our support – support that often can’t be found anywhere else.

For many of them, this is their only safe place to go. Hundreds come here to The Gathering Place for a meal or a shower, to wash their clothes or find a friend. Some come here just to sit down, having walked all night and day with no place to rest. We provide medical care, counselling, adult literacy, even a foot clinic – for feet that have known the street for far too long. We know their troubles run deep, well beyond that familiar rumble of hunger.

What they also get here, in addition to the essentials for survival, is dignity and respect. We’re here to help, not judge. Everyone has a story. And everyone deserves compassion. There are no “nobodies” at The Gathering Place.

Yet to provide these desperately needed supports, we have to rely heavily on the kindness of others – of you, our donors and volunteers. And we need your help to continue. Please give, so we can keep helping the people who so many forget. They desperately need us.


Find out how you can help us financially. It’s a critical way to help us continue to provide these services.


Boots and underwear, toothpaste and toiletries, books and more. Click here to find out what our guests need most right now.


Cooks and counsellors, nurses and doctors, teachers and hair stylists, social workers and more. We simply could not operate without our volunteers. Find out how to become one now. We’d love to have you on our team.


Thank You Kindly
The “Kindness Wanted” campaign was made possible by the generosity of so many, including:

  • The family of Ron Hynes
  • Larry Barry
  • Justin Oakey
  • Heather McKinnon
  • Charles MacPhail
  • Paul Mills with Dennis Pendrith, Don Ree, Burke Carroll
  • Grit Laskin and the team at Borealis Records
  • NTV
  • The Telegram
  • VOCM
  • EC Boone
  • Pattison
  • Moving Media
  • Metrobus
  • m5 Marketing Communications
  • Wavelight Productions